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Grand Reopening

I have finally managed to get my Print Shop back online, for those of you in need of a rectangular thing to hang on a wall. I’ve checked it pretty thoroughly and I believe everything is working correctly, but please drop me a line if you experience any problems with it.


Hello! I have put a couple of original drawings up for sale on eBay. Only the buyers may have them, but everyone is welcome to look at them:

Each drawing also comes with two free prints from the shop. Tell your friends!

The Great Cosby Experiment 09

Hello! My friend Emmy and I are conducting an experiment. You can help, and all it takes is a drawing of Bill Cosby. Read the details here!

Two Things!

First: you can read a short, super-quick Laserpony nugget about Political Turmoil.

In addition, I have a third drawing up on eBay! It is an alternate-universe adventure:

The Science of Cosby