The Science of Cosby

The other night, during our usual bout of being completely unable to think of anything to do, Emmy suggested, “Let’s draw Bill Cosby.” So we each immediately went to work, unaware of what the other was doing. When we were finished, we exchanged Cosbies at the same time. Here is what my Cosby looked like:

And here is Emmy’s Cosby:

Of course we were both shocked. Two Cosbies, drawn independently of each other, had turned out to be almost identical! Had we tapped into some collective Cosby consciousness?

We decided to run an experiment. We formed our hypothesis: if we got several people to draw pictures of Bill Cosby, without seeing what each other drew, the majority of them would involve Cosby in a wacky sweater with Jell-o pudding. With that we (by which I mean you) got to work.

Now of course, science is unpredictable. As it turns out, our hypothesis was incorrect. Out of a total of 190 Cosbies, only 8 had both a sweater and Jell-o pudding. Baffling, right? That’s only 4.2%! What a shock!

Here is the scientific data we collected:
Cosbies wearing sweaters: 52 (out of 190)
Cosbies with a Jell-O Product: 21
Cosbies spouting gibberish: 10
Cosbies with sweaters and Jell-o: 8
Cosbies with sweaters spouting gibberish: 4
Cosbies with sweaters and Jell-o and gibberish: 0, can you believe it?
Cosbies that confused us: 19
Cosbies facing left with hands clasped which were clearly based on the first Google Image Search result for “Cosby”: 15

Here is a scientific-looking pie chart to show we mean business:

So that’s that! All of the entires have been unscreened and are now available for viewing. Please check them out, because some of them are really excellently done. Thank you to everyone who participated.