Gimme a B! Gimme a Man!

So as you may know, I do the coloring for a little comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. And as I am about to tell you, Volume Three is available for pre-order right now! That’s today!

“But Anthony,” you are maybe (but probably not) saying, “Volume Three collects Dr. McNinja issues 5 through 8. While those are astonishing and fantastic, you did not work on any of them. So why are you shilling this book?”

Because that’s not all the book contains! It also features an all-new fourteen page story written by superstar Benito Cereno and illustrated by me! It is entitled A Death in the Family and stars everyone’s favorite ancillary character, BEEMAN:

The story is pretty much the opposite of what you might expect from seeing this picture.

So hey! Why not preorder a book? The more books are sold, the more successful the comic is and the more likely it is that Chris will keep paying me to color it!