Hey folks! It’s almost time for SPX! I’ll be there at table W1 with my buddies Jamie and Josh and Flynn and Madeleine. Here’s a map:

I’ll have minicomics and stickers and buttons and prints and I may have a few Party Cat t-shirts (in a very limited selection of sizes). Come say hello!


In a turn of events not even I was expecting, I will have a book available at SPX! It is published by Topatoco and called Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery. It is a collection of early Beartato strips, most of which have been redrawn. It also contains extra stuff, like sketches and illustrations and the story “Hey, Nickname!” which you could previously only get as a minicomic at cons. If you won’t be at any of the same cons as I will this fall, you can also buy the book online! I will try to write up a more informational post about this after SPX.