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Business Talk

Holiday deadlines are quickly approaching if you wish to order items from TopatoCo. Hey, speaking of, did you know that Beartato books and merchandise make excellent gifts for everyone who has ever lived?

Why not buy a book for someone you love? They will be honored and humbled that you care enough to buy them such a great gift, not to mention impressed by your excellent taste.

Or why not buy a Beartato Tot for someone you hate? They will be puzzled. “Why did my enemy, who hates me, give me such an excellent gift?” It’ll really freak them out. They won’t know what you’re up to, and that’s the perfect time to strike!

Or you could buy a cool shirt for a stranger. Okay, okay, maybe buy it for yourself. Don’t you deserve it for being such a thoughtful person? The answer is yes. I trust you to make the best possible decision.