Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery is a collection of early Beartato strips now available through TopatoCo. Most of these strips have been redrawn for print and they look sharp and lovely. The book also includes the short stories “Hey, Nickname!” and “Battle Ready” in addition to various sketches and illustrations. Check it out!

TopatoCo also offers T-SHIRTS for your BODY, featuring Beartato, Dare Master, and Party Cat. Instead of reading a bunch of words about them, why not go take a look at them yourself?

WARNING: exercise caution when reading this book in a hammock!


Beartato Heroes

Towards Tomorrow

Mythical Beast

Classy Gents


Heroes’ Journey

Autumn Stroll

Starry Sky

Bear’s Big Day

Firefly Valley

World Tour

Party Time

Prints are now available through TopatoCo! This means better value and better service for you. Yes, you!