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Party Cat

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Baloney Kaboom and the Water Supply
Good Move
Expired Ducks
Gullible Too
Beartato's Sale
The Rabbit in the Roses
Hamburger Hat
Beartato and the Can of Milk
The Linear Nature of Time
Baloney Kaboom
How to Write
Beartato and the Giant Hot Dog
The Legendary Hero
Satellite Dog
Small Potatoes
He Listened to His Heat
How to Draw Beartato
Your Closest Friends
The Clown's Secret
Oh Boy
Beartato Has a Master's Degree in Science... the Science of Beartato!
Recipe for Disaster
Internet Day
The Intricate Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships
The Wonders of the Future
Holiday Sugarcat's Halloween Rescue
Sugarcat's Game
More Like What's NOT in a Name, AM I RIGHT
It Went Well in Rehearsal
What Did You Expect? A Cake or Something??
The Idea of Bacon
Beartato, You Just Don't SAY That to a Guy
Beartato's Contest
Beartato's Resolution is to Run Away from Arguments
The Badly-Thought-Out Plan
Once I Fell Asleep and When I Woke Up, I Had Eaten an Entire Birthday Cake
Well Do You Want to Star in a Comic
It's One of Those Days Where Everyone's Got PROBLEMS
Find a Catalogue. Buy Ten Pair of These, Thank Me Later
It Was Either This, or Cancer Research
Strange Things are Happening
Don't Tease Me
Did Someone Make You an Awesome Promise? Is He Going to Deliver? YOU DECIDE!
I Expected It Sooner or Later! My Lifestyle Demands It!
Dr. Cake, Paging Dr. Cake. A Talking Bird Needs You in Room 8.
This Day Always Sneaks Up on Us
He Should Really Move.
It Is Not a Good Neighborhood.
Reginald 2: The Search for Beartato
...My Drummer!
Just Because You CAN Doesn't Mean You SHOULD
You Can Tell Me Lies, You Know That I'd Still Believe You
Theory: This Has Gone on Way Too Long
Another Unofficial Theory
But Did You Do Anything Out of the Ordinary?
I Think I'm Feeling a Little Sick Myself
Never Match Wits with a Warlock or a Dinosaur. Least of All a Dinosaur Who is a Warlock!
Time for Plan B
Working Title: Some Sort of "Time" Pun. "Brother, Can You Spare a Time?" Something Like That?
How About "You Put the Time in the Coconut"? No? Nothing?
Long Live the Wizardmaster
Dinosayr Watlock
Number One Hit Single. Top Music Video Ever, in All History
I Remember When You Were THIS Tall
Believe in Yourself
It Must be at Least 75 Degrees out There... FAHRENHEIT!
The Early Summer
Summer Vacation
Summer Bots
I Also Worked on my Tan
Tales of Danger!
MY Home is Full of Slime.
Don't Ask Questions. The Answer is "I Don't Know."
Astro Bear and Kid Jr.
I Have a Theory about the Infinite Blackness of Space
Comics About Baby Ducks
Maybe You Are in this Situation and Do Not Know It
Do Not Feed the Bear
New Heroes for a New Generation
Our Hopes, Our Dreams, Our Secret Fears
Let's Dance
What Crosses Your Mind
Pig with Human Soul
Pig with Human Face
The Sellouts
Vision Quest
You Can Relate, Right?
Do Not Really Imagine It. It's Horrible. Trust Me.
I Have a Direct Line to the Baloneyphone
A New Kind of Karate
Height: 5'5". Weight: 130. Eyes: Giant, Black, and Empty
Symptoms Include Headache, Nausea, and Immediate Death
In a World of Karate, Nothing is as it Seems
That's Like Saying You Hate JOY. As If You Hate Being HAPPY.
The End of Karate
What Are You Feeding Him
Secret King
Buddy Comics 01
Buddy Comics 02
Buddy Comics 03
This is Why I Never Go Anywhere or Do Anything
What Does "Bake" Mean
You Want Moves? I Got 'Em
For Love of the Dare
Road Trip!
Based on Real Events
Bacon: Origins
Finally, a Reason to Go On
It Was the Best of Times... No, Wait, I Meant the Worst of Times. Worst. Not Best.
Of Course it's Also Saturday. Who Knows What's Going On
Stick This!
How High Does the Thermostat Go? One, Two Hundred?
You Ask, I Deliver
Snow Day
It's a Long-Term Goal
An Extra Day of Funbruary!
Nobody Notices My Hidden Genius
And Behold, It Was Wonderful and Good
Is Anyone Looking to Hire Someone Who is Great at Cereal Marketing? Because I'm Your Guy
This is Known as Threatvertising
Okay. I Didn't Want to Say This, but Your Cereal Tastes like Beets and Nobody Wants to Eat It
Plus, I'd Be Able to Float by Holding My Breath
I Also Bought a Dog Collar. Well, a Dog Harness Actually... but Close Enough, Right?
My Initiation was to Cook a Turkey
Lazy Cat
Basically I Copied "The Birth of Venus" and just Changed the Characters, Setting, and Composition
It Pays to Have a Robust... Word... Knowing.
It's a Strange and Frightening Journey, But When It's Done You Become a Car
Order in the Court! The... the Pig... Court... You Know?
True Tales of Buddy
After Curing Cancer, They Got Down to What MATTERS
My Guess: It's a Chinese Character Meaning "Courage"
Weird Thing Is, I Don't Remember Getting These
I Had a Weird Dream. Wait... Why Is My Hair So Lustrous??? AHHHH
I Wanted the Pair that Came with a Mustache
She Was All, "Can You Recommend a Book on BEING WICKED SMART AND SEXY?" And I Was All, "Yipe!"
Okay, You Caught Me. I Just Cut Circles out of a Sandwich Bag.
You Forgot Urns and Chinese Take-Out Boxes!
I am a Good Friend, You Jerk!
When It's Time to Party, We Will Always Party in Moderation!
Also It Doesn't Have a Stamp, Just a Sticker of Reginald's Face
Why Not Both
I Have My Priorities Straight. 1: Partying Down; 2: Other
I Learned This in College
All the Lights and Fans are On
Make Sure it Glows in the Dark
Say, "He's Taking Care of Some Paperwork!"
Murphy Brown Comics
Can't Believe They Made Eight Sequels
Should I Ask for More? No, No, I Don't Want to Look Greedy
Mermaids: Magically Beautiful, Beautifully Magical
Does He Want it to Rain
We Go All-Out for TACO NIGHT
Horses Weekly: When You Want to Read About Horses, Every Week.
Followup Letter: Don't Worry About It, Beartato. It Fell Off.
What Happened? I Blacked Out for a Second
Bad with Computers
What Gives You the Right!
Stop Primanding Me and Mow the Yard
When She Spoke to Me, I Blacked Out and Woke Up in the Parking Lot
I Made My Own Folders from the Cardboard that Comes in Packs of T-Shirts
Good Deeds are Rewarded with Supernatural Abilities
I Even Got the Hard-to-Reach Spots
No Help at ALL
No, YOU Send ME a Photo First
Eye Contact Noooo
Too Bad. This Bread is Delicious.
For One Thing, He is Ugly
They're Uncommon 'Round These Parts
This is What I Choose to Believe
Easily Amused
Excuse Me, Sir. You Dropped These Rhymes.
Notice How It Reflects the Sunlight Just So
Let's Get Political!
"Dare" Would Have Been "Eat a Nickel"
This is How They Do It on "Law & Order"
Fool for Hats
Fool for Math
Fool for Love
Well, Let's Go Get Ice Cream Instead.
You See How the Thing You Said is Silly
Pictures for Sad Beartatoes
The Third Most Awkward Halloween in Recent Memory
The Scariest Tales are True. And About Werewolves.
Just Showing Off
There is a Deep Rage Behind Those Featureless Black Plates You Call Eyes
Don't Do the Crime if you are Mildly Annoyed by Doing the Time
When is the Dinner Service
Oh, I Get What You Mean.
What I Meant to Ask Was: Where Can I Find a Wealthy Benefactor
No I Don't have a "Resumé," but I Do Have a Gleeblezop and a Fleepflorb
I Was Simulating His Natural Habitat
I am Thankful for Your Gratitude
Oh Those Hasty Promises
Turns Out it was His Not-Cool-Enough Car
Can You Believe I Only Had Seven Years of Art School
He Has Never Won a Hat Time Yet
It's Basically Just a Warm Moon
Who Are These Magi and What Did They Get Me
Years of Research
Use This Fearsome Power Only for Good
A New Year Means New Stupid Things to Do
Real Ninjas Don't Use Drawstrings
Also What Does "Business" Mean
Technology is Great, Except Sometimes It's Stupid
You and I are the Only People I've Ever Seen. And Sometimes Harrison
And That's My Dating Advice
I Feel Like Bill Murray in that Movie. You Know, "Ghostbusters."
Never Show Weakness. The World Will Eat You Alive
Okay, You Can Stop Doing It Now
And When I Woke Up, My Pillow was Still There!!!
These are the Proof of Our Macho Lives
Vitamin B(eartato)
It's Really, Really, Really Fast
Celebrate Good Times with Oversized Desserts
Trampolines are Good for Jumpin'
I Got Plenty More Stupid Ideas.
Quick! Think about Ice Cream and How Good It Is
Pity Party
Smoking... SALMON!
Best Seat in the House
Rethink Your Prank
It's Time for Lunch
DARE to Keep Kids Off Drugs
You Wouldn't Dare!
How Dare You
Too Early for Midnight
Two Rude Dudes
Lunch Out
Big Ideas
Thanks for Opening Old Wounds, Friend
Fun with Politics
Ask Me About My Advice
I Also Found Some Golden Grahams
People Have to KNOW
He's a Purebred FRIEND
New Tricks
Lie DOWN. I Meant Lie DOWN.
Bad Dog
Exscape Claus
Dating Faux Pas
And If This Doesn't Work, We'll Use a MOTORcycle
I Just Need Practice
How to Entertain Beartato
A French Comic for French Speakers
A Dish Best Served on Schedule
Through the Looking Glass
D...Down Low?
Situational Humor!
Doorway To Your Inner Self
The Seven Trials? More Like the Seven STUPID Trials, Am I Right Folks?
No Longer Will I Bear This
Mow Money, Mow Problems
Suffer For Your Art
Beast of Burden
Chickichickiyowya, Ancient Muse of Wicked Rhymes
The Beartato Book of Home Remedies
Signature Moves
Harrison's Big Idea
Harrison Stories: Plan for Adventure
My Nickname? "Sledgehammer."
Party Lung
Stubby Little Springs
Like Regular Beartato, but in Space
Call in the B-Squad
Decisions, Decisions
Beartato in Space 2: Still in Space
Beartato in Space 3: Space Harder
Beartato in Space 4: The Fourth Installment
Harrison in Space
Harrison's Exciting Life
Beartato in Space 5: Beartato on Earth
Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen, Except Beartato, Since I Just Told Him
I'm Helping
Harrison's Reverse Psychology
Harrison Stories: The Journey to Underground
The Games We Play
Coma Chameleon
Disaster Averted
Introducing Skeleton
Like You Don't Know Why
The Reginald Defense
Harrison Stories, Starring Harrison
Harrison Stories. All Harrison All the Time
Ancient Wisdom
Words of Wisdom
Tough Choices
Reginald G. Biv
I Bet You Thought I Forgot About HARRISON STORIES
Harrison in the Desolate Darkness
Celebrate "Harrison Stories Monday" with Harrison Stories
Harrison Stories. Featuring Reginald
Best Friends Forever
Creative Liberties
Who's That Handsome Fella
The Cutting Edge of Cool
Fall Foliage
Cat Whisperer
Puzzles for Your Brain
Working Hard for the Money
Primal Scream Therapy
Computer Expert
Autumn Leaves
Good Morning
Future Comics
You Will Notice Your Body Going Through Some Changes
Stories About Harrison: Harrison Stories Return
Look Out! It's a Trapezoid!
He Says a Lot of Things
It's Weirdo!
Weird Fun with Weirdo
On the Fence
Harrison Stories. Harrison is in Them
Harrison Stories: featuring Beartato
Mirror Mirror
What to Buy for the Guy Who Likes Everything?
Crime Lab
Snow Sculpture
The Ghost of Reginald Future
The Greatest Gift
Well, We'll Do That Next Year
Everything Changes
Great Expectations
What's for "Dinner"
No More Parties
It Rhymes with "Schmarrison Stories"
Relax! Don't Do It
Change of Scenery
Finishing Touches
Previously on Harrison Stories
Iron Chef Never Makes Mistakes Like This
Picky Eater
Harrison and the Deflect-Anything Shield
Stir Crazy
Season of Love
Must-Have-Seen TV
The Waffliest Wish
A Man of Many Moods
Ridiculous Beliefs
Bartholomew The Five
Tax Forms
I Wanna Drive It
Write This Man a Check
What's Your Problem
Dinner Plans
Kiss Me, I'm Here
Harrison Stories: The Dragon's Cave
This Movie Moves Me
Check This Out
No Pardons Either
Giant Marshmallow
Giant Marshmallows 2
Cat Fact
I Strive to Educate
What Are They? What Do They Want?
Am I Right, Guys? Am I Right??
Lovely Chicago
Regular Maintenance Required
Sole Survivor
Survival of the Fittest
Take THAT, Society!
Help You Help Me
That Explains Everything
News to Me
New Car Smell
Guess What
Webcomics Am I Right!
Rebellious Phase
Spirit Guide
Self Diagnosis
Beach Bully
How To Email
A Holiday Reminder
Old Wounds
Ask Your Travel Agent
Music is the Message
Close Encounters
Shark Week
Blue Moon
What's That
Take as Directed
CSI: Kitchen
No Pain No Gain
Guest Comic: Rebecca Clements
Guest Comic: Nick Daniel
Guest Comic: Jay Fuller
They Should Have Sent a Reginald
Skateboard Fever
Dirty Talk
Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
Guest Comic - Emmy Cicierega
Wake Up Call
I Am A Robot
Evidence of Robot
Robotginald 2
Robotginald 3
Robotginald 4
Robotginald 5
Robotginald 6
Robotginald 7
Robotginald 8
Open Door
Trick... or TRICK
Happy Halloween
This Walkway... Really Moves Me
Birthday Choices
Fear of Fireballs
Thanks For Reading My Comics
Face It
I Wish I Knew What You Were Talking About
I Hear Voices
Bundle Up
Never Gets Old
Thank You For Being a Friends
Gifts From the Heart
Don't Bet On It
Annual Regrets Day
Another Year Gone
Memories of Youth
Dinner Date
Advice About Comics
Shady Deals
Table Manners
That Guy
Morning Motivation
Grilling Weather
Action News! Action Weather! Action Stock Reports!
Focus! No, Not That Much
Pinch Me
At Least I Have a Great Story to Tell My Plant
Fool Moon
I See a Bad Mood Arising
Fortune Favors the Bird
Pranks for Nothing
Won't Get Fooled Again
Hunger for Victory
Wrong Order
Secret Origins
Nice Try Though
The Grind
Scientific Horizons
Ask Reginald
Beartato and Reginald in "A Close Shave!"
Compare and Contrast
Your Passport is the Local Library! A Book is Your Ticket
I Can Clearly See Your Dotted Outline
Guest Comic by KC GREEN
Expedition MERCURY
Beautiful Venus
Target: Earth
Mission to Mars
Journey Through the Asteroid Belt
Great Jupiter's Ghost!
Space is Full of Stars
Set Sail for Saturn
Where to Find Uranus
To Your Left: Neptune
Ex-Planet Pluto
The Outer Limits
What Killed the What??
This is What All Ghosts are Trying to Say
Wrong Turn
Pickup Artist
Fireworks Safety
Mosquitoes, Mo' Problems
Discount Fireworks Safety
Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream
Like a Cool Shakespeare
Remember When
You're Next, Dick Tracy
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Pronunciation Station
Cat Scratch
Pack It Up
When I Say Hey, You Say Hotel
Buried Treasure
Tickets... to the Music Show!
Stow It
Bear O'Tato
Let's Talk
What's in a Name
Ghosts of Youth
Pizza by the Slice
Scrooginald 2
Scrooginald 3
The Night Before Beartato
Expiration Date
Deadly Weapons
Side Job
Her Words, Not Mine
Shocking Twists
I Valentried
Stones for Bones
The Final Leap
The Thirteenth Labor
Out of Character
Search Party
Well I Ain't No Bloodhound
Guest Comic - Brandon B.
YOU Solve It!
The Bond Between Friends
Mystery Over. Go Home
Honk the Databus
Temp Tats
Pen Pals
Love is in the Air
Beartato Goes Hollywood
Summer Corn Guide
B & R Webcoms
Dog Tips
Pizza's Here
Online Degree with Brandon B.
Computer Corner
Mr. Mayor
Words and Pictures
Beartato the Wanderer
The Journey Begins
Time Trouble
Secret Sauce
Gifts From the Heart
Poll Results
Special Menu
Long Distance Call
Scandal of the Century
Box of Chocolates
Spring Clean
Adventures in Housesitting
Harrison's Diary
Now with Marshmallows!
Springtime for Reginald
Wise Guys
By Any Other Name
A Bird of Advice
Daylight Shaving Time
Oh! Canada.
Starring Beartato, and Introducing "Reginald" as Himself
Small Plates, Big Heart
Problem Solved
Automated For Your Convenience
Sweet Tooth
Hat Crimes
The Tale of Beartato
Political Roundtable
Dream Journal
Music and Words
Tax Time
Egg Games
A Wish to Whistle
Identity Crisis
This Isn't Even a Hospital
Winner Winner Second Dinner
Phone Home
Don't Fall For It
Small Fries
Tricky Treats
A Halloween Carol
Gary Wore the Same Costume
Twilight Saga: Late Afternoon
Dogs Comics.
Wacky Neighbor
Tattoo 2: Tattooed Too
University of Reginald Online
Half and Half
Cone Zone
The Itch
Beartato in the Maze
Trick or Trick
Flu Shot
I See Your Point
Sock It To Me
Too Timely
Groundhog Day
Mr. Fix Computer 2
The Beartatos Are Back In Town
Fair is Foul
House of Horrors
Boo Year's Eve
Face It
Chili Out
Wishing Eye Was There
Pizza Party
2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten
Good Game
Mystery Teens
You Were Warned
Driven to Greatness
Everybody's Free
Farmer Fruitley’s Orchard
No Purchase Necessary
Fruit Pursuit
Crimes of Passionfruit
Brand New Day
Bed, Bath and Buttfor
Where Them Boys Been At
A Precautionary Tale
This Isn't What I Ordered
Last Leaf
Masters of Innovation
Great Clown
Taffy Trouble
They Should Have Sent a Poet
Don't Talk to Me
Trivia Night
Reindeer Games
Old Town Road
Banner Year
Movie Snacks
Mystery Bike
Wet Seat